Case study
Loddon Valley

Repair, Remedial,
& Associated works at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre

Project details

Contract | Loddon Valley Leisure Centre
Contract Dates | April 2020 to May 2020
Contract Value | £85k
Client | Wokingham Borough Council
Principal Designer | KRP Consulting
M&E Consultant | Morris & Blunt Ltd


Loddon Valley Leisure Centre
Rushey Way
Lower Earley

What we did

The works involved specialist repair, remedial, and associated works to the poolside hot tub at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre. The project consisted of repair works to the structural integrity of the poolside hot tub and accompanying steel support posts.

Initial visual inspection showed signs of corrosion and general wear and tear at the floor level, caused by general impact, pool cleaning agents, and water exposure. Later inspection revealed water damage which was greater than initially expected and raised concern for the structural integrity of the posts. In close cooperation with the Loddon Valley team, and Health & Safety being a top priority, the decision was made to have the hot tub removed in its entirety and its area to be made good with the rest of the poolside.

The hot tub, its accompanying curtain wall, and the concrete floor level it was housed within were all removed from site. This allowed us to gain access to the support posts within the under-croft, and to safely  work with them in full.

The integrity of the steel posts was reassured by using concrete reinforcement, developed using formwork around the weaker section of the component, and providing a new bearing stratum for the posts. This allowed us to create an adequate solution in-situ without the need for further demolition, replacement of existing components, or opting for any more invasive and disruptive alternative methods.

Upon completion of the reinforcement, a new block and beam flooring was then installed to resurface the area. False ceilings were then also installed above, along with a new wall to the back of the room. Each of these new additions received new doors, decoration, and tiling to match the rest of the existing poolside.