Case study
Farnham Heath

Refurbishment of existing Science Labs at Farnham Heath End School.

Project details

Contract | Farnham Heath
Contract Dates | July 2020 to August 2020
Contract Value | £161k
Client |WSW Consultancy
M&E Consultant | Morris & Blunt Ltd


Farnham Heath School
Hale Reeds

What we did

The project consisted of existing science rooms, storage areas, and adjacent hallways, completely replacing a range of internal components whilst also preserving the existing science room lab furniture, which features electrical outlets and gas tap fittings for use in experiments by students.

Initial works saw the disassembly and removal of the existing science furniture to be safely stored ready for reinstatement, following the completion of other project works. Following the furniture removal, all suspended ceilings, flooring, and lighting were stripped back ready for further development.

With the room stripped, installation could be carried out for new lighting, fire safety and security components, and a range of decoration for both the doors and the walls throughout the labs. The lighting throughout the project was also installed as a part of a new suspended ceiling system throughout the labs, storage rooms, and corridors. Finally, a new layer of polysafe safety vinyl flooring was able to be installed for the protection of the science lab floors, whilst the adjoining corridors feature new Supacord carpets. Upon completion of these items, the original desk units were able to be refitted back into the classroom, allowing it to serve its original functionality whilst also featuring a brand new appearance.

Overall the project proved as a challenging yet satisfying undertaking with such a tight schedule for the completion of works. With the project initiating towards the second half of the summer holidays, there was a deadline in ensuring that all works were completed and the project handed over before students would return. Through hard work and careful planning we were successfully able to complete the project in time, and ensure that all the students could take advantage of their new science facilities from day one of their return to school.