Covid-19 1200 630 Morris & Blunt

Much like the rest of the UK, Morris & Blunt Ltd are collecting as much information on the current COVID-19 outbreak as possible and are monitoring the situation closely. We are currently in a good way to complete all projects and are doing our utmost to protect our customers and colleagues.

In light of this, we are putting in place essential steps to reduce the risks posed by COVID-19. All sites have had formal inductions & toolbox talks relating to the government-imposed guidelines, rules, limitations, and the expectations required of those working on site. Each site has altered working procedures, as well as being supplied with hygiene products, such as masks and sanitizers, whilst also adhering to cleaning rotas, wellness reporting procedures, and social distancing.

Any project impacted by the ongoing situation will be liaised with closely by the related Project Manager, who will work to ensure that any concerns, delays, or impacts are addressed promptly. As the current situation develops and evolves, so will our own projects, procedures, and range of possibilities relating to the overall national situation. Whilst the future remains uncertain, everyone here at Morris & Blunt Ltd. will continue to work towards ensuring that every project and person is handled as safely and to as high of a standard as possible.

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